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The James R. Halsey Foundation's “Let’s Film” program offers comprehensive film classes where youth take a hands-on approach to learning how to create short films, from pre- to post-production. Films focus on bridging the gap between generations and socioeconomic barriers that exist in today’s society.

Examples of some of the topics/issues that may be explored include crime in the urban communities, black-on-black violence, mental health issues and the high percentage of incarceration in black community. 


Through the "Let's Film" program, participants have the opportunity to work with local college professors to research and understand historical perspectives of topics being discussed, while also working with film industry professionals to learn the hands-on approach of filmmaking -- from learning how to write scripts, to final production. 


Outcomes from this program have included:

   • Getting youth more involved with their community.

   • Creating an opportunity for youth to have a voice in their community and teaching them how to use that voice to create change in a positive way.

   • Job-readiness skills for those youth who want to purse a career in arts or filming. 

   • Self-esteem building and a sense of completing a task, from start to finish.

   • Alternative programming to sports and the sense of being part of a team/group

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