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Presented in collaboration with NJ Council for the Humanities and professors from The College of New Jersey, the James R. Halsey Foundation's "The Architects" is a six-week interactive program.


"The Architects" is a series of round-table forums designed to explore and find solutions to issues that inner-city teens face. Participants -- including 10 at-risk youths from the city of Trenton, NJ -- share ideas and prioritize their findings in group discussions with professors and students from the history, literary and political science departments at The College of New Jersey.


Each week, participants are transported to The College of New Jersey for a two-hour session that begins with dinner and conversations on current events and local news. Filming takes place throughout each session to capture the ideas and solutions provided for future discussion and analysis.


We are asking the group to come up with real solutions to the issues teens confront in urban communities throughout the country. The combination of young people living in these situations working with scholars promises to produce a unique and untapped approach to resolving real issues, and expose the teen participants to higher education.