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Program Impact

  • More than 200 students throughout all programs have been served by the organization since its inception in 2017
    100% of students gain valuable knowledge and skills to support further education and career opportunities in the filmmaking industry 
    JRH programs enhance collaboration and community engagement in solving important social issues in local communities and beyond
    70% of JRH students attend college, 50% of those students study Film and Media 
    Film documentaries have been viewed hundreds of times throughout the local community and on multiple streaming platforms ​​

Program Goals

Create short documentaries around local issues to start community conversations

Create opportunities for young adults, who are the next generation, to have a voice and a platform to be heard

Encourage examination of all sides of a social issue to understand all perspectives with the goal of finding common ground.

Replicate program in other cities.

Teach the art of filmmaking from conception to finish (acting, performing, script writing and content, cinematography, editing, TV film media, producing, social media advertising) using a hands-on approach.

Provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for youth to socialize and connect.

Experience apprenticeship opportunities and build relationships with staff, peers and mentors.

Provide a public forum for finished work and build self esteem through public recognition.

Create opportunities to support a diversified workforce that is representative of

our people and our communities.

Overall Impact

Create common ground and bridge gaps through conversation. Foster forgiveness and conflict resolution.

Increased community engagement through attendance at film showings.

Improved understanding of major issues facing the community demonstrated through attendee participation in discussion and feedback.

Increased communication and collaboration between youth, police and community leaders. Youth demonstrate increased knowledge of the filmmaking arts and educational and job opportunities.

Increased self-awareness and self-expression.

Youth have access to a safe place to socialize.

Decreased delinquent behavior using the arts to divert at risk youth from the juvenile justice system.

Youth exhibit increased community involvement, teamwork and collaboration skills.

Workplace Opportunities and Professional Development

Youth who participate in Generation Change documentaries are invited to participate in the Let’s Film Program.

Youth participating in the Lets Film Program are given actual paid work experience by participating in the filming of Generation Change film documentaries.

All program participants are invited to take part in the filming of outside projects

(i.e. commissioned work) which provides additional hands-on work opportunities.

The JRH Summer Expert Education Series was created to enhance the Let's Film Program giving students the opportunity to hear and ask questions from various industry professionals. This series has been instrumental in providing a virtual platform for continued growth and learning during Covid-19.

Job Readiness in the Film & Media Industry

Check out why learning film / media is beneficial to students with our presentation attached below...

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