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Student Programs at JRH

The Let’s Film Program offers free comprehensive after school film classes where youth take a hands-on approach to learning how to create short films from pre to post production. Youth who participate in the program learn all aspects of the film making process including acting, sound, lighting, and editing. The youth in the program collectively develop characters with a script, film it and prepare the film for a red-carpet premier for family, friends and the community. Youth are also exposed to creating public service announcements, and the filming of documentaries throughout the program.

Short Films, Big Impact!

Check out some of the short films our students have made throughout the years of being in our programs...

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Let’s Film Jr. – 10–13 year-olds are exposed to all areas of filmmaking while creating and filming their own commercials over 10 weeks


Let’s Film – our core program for 14-20 year olds with no filmmaking experience. Youth collectively learn all aspects of filmmaking while as group create a short film from pre to post production.

Let’s Film 2.0 – for advanced students or those students ages 16-20 who have had filmmaking experience. Students create a short film from pre to post production, with minimal supervision form staff.

Acting 101 – a ten-week intensive course, for youth ages 14-20 who want to learn or want to polish their acting techniques.

Photography 101 – a ten-week intensive course for youth ages 14-20 who want to learn or want to enhance their photography skills.

All youth have their work highlighted at the end of programming with either a Red Carpet Film Premier, A Showcase, or Gallery Night depending on the program. With the exception of Let’s Film Jr. all of JRH Foundation’s classes are offered and open to all youth, this includes classes for Spanish speaking only students, and juveniles in residential facilities throughout the State of NJ.

For more information and specific times for JRH programs please call (609) 938 - 3673

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