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Inspiring, Encouraging and Creating the Future Through
Filmmaking and the Arts


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Buy the Pie!!

Are you ready to make a delicious difference in the lives of young artists? The James R. Halsey Foundation of the Arts
‘Let's Film’ program needs your help! Help make magic happen, one slice at a time! Fill the grid and help provide pizza for the entire semester. 

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"This program has really boosted Matt's confidence and self esteem. He loves coming to the program every week. He asked me if he could rearrange his work schedule to accommodate attending your classes. He's really dedicated. He loves it."
- Parent of Film Student

"I joined the film program, and we made our first short comedy/horror film, "Pretty Ugly". It was my first time acting as a mean, sassy girl, and it was an awesome, new experience for me...I have gained so many things from filmmaking that I can apply to other situations". 
- Acting Student 

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JRH Foundation of the Arts connects with schools, community partners, civic leaders and corporate professionals to increase our impact and expand our reach. Contact us today to find out how you can support our programs and services as we partner together to expand equity and opportunity for all. 

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