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Our Mission

The James R. Halsey Foundation of the Arts (JRH Foundation) uses the art of filmmaking to foster personal growth and creativity among youth. Founded in 2017, JRH Foundation’s arts education and career training aim to heal through expression and to dissolve socioeconomic barriers for youth across the Greater Trenton region who are between the ages of 10-20. Inspired by the legacy of James R. Halsey, who taught by example and who believed in working with those struggling to fit in, JRH Foundation is an alternative to sports programming for youth who wish to pursue a creative outlet.

Our History

The James R. Halsey Foundation of the Arts (JRH Foundation) was founded in 2017 after a local native of Trenton NJ, Joseph A. Halsey, completed the filming of an award-winning short documentary titled What If I Were Mayor. After sitting down with local Trenton area youth to discuss how they would fix the problems their city was facing, the idea of teaching kids film while inspiring change was born. The foundation was created and named after Mr. Halsey's father who always taught by example. As a little league coach, Mr. Halsey believed in creating a team with those who did not fit in, teaching them that they had the strengths and abilities to accomplish anything they wanted. The James R. Halsey Foundation was established upon the premise that filmmaking is a therapeutic outlet that engages the imagination, empowering and nourishing creativity toward personal growth and the development of critical life skills. The goal of the foundation is to help change lives by providing educational and employment opportunities for youth while working to dissolve socioeconomic barriers within the community. The JRH Foundation is dedicated to enriching the quality of life for youth (ages 13-20) by providing a safe and educational environment that utilizes the art of filmmaking to foster personal growth and creativity. The initiative is accomplished by application of a stimulating course curriculum that exposes program participants to every aspect of the creative process while providing life skills training to inspire positive change and prepare youth for long-term employment.


The JRH Foundation is unique in its ability to provide high-level training in and exposure to the filmmaking arts. The organization is also a catalyst for change within the community, giving youth a voice on important social issues and sparking critical conversations.

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